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Lead With The Confidence And Abilities That Drive Greatness

Your Journey Starts Here

Looking to elevate your leadership, culture, employee performance, retention, or attraction? I can help you along your pathway to enhanced success. With one on one coaching and group training I bring a unique perspective that will leave you with the skills and know how that enhance every aspect of your personal and professional life. Why wait for tomorrow when you can start your journey towards greatness today. 



1 On 1 Coaching

My 1 on 1 coaching program is a sure fire way to elevate you and your goals. Aligning myself with your needs and goals creates a personalized experience with even greater results. 

Leadership Advisor

If you're looking for an outside perspective for your leadership team that opens the minds of the team, this is for you. With a unique look into leadership and the effects it plays on the business, employees, and results your leadership team will be able to work from all angles to create the best possible outcome. 

Professional Speaker

Whether it be a work event, training opportunity, or celebratory, I lead the way with new ideas and solutions to help you navigate the ever changing work environment or if you need a pick me up, motivational content is also available upon request. 

Group Training

Company Culture Coach

Customer Experience Training

Sometimes it is the whole group that needs attention. With our tailored solutions you can have the comfort in knowing each individual will get the same training and message that will bring cohesiveness and unity to the team.

Not sure how to create the right culture for your team, no problem. I specialize in helping companies create a culture so their employees can grow and thrive in. Let's asses together and make sure we are striving as one to achieve the best results. 

Bring your A game to your customers. This program brings to light the little things that affect a customer's perception of your business and team. Covering everything from first impressions down to the verbiage you use, I will help you elevate your customers experience that will keep them coming back for years.

Our Mission

Personal and professional growth that will last a lifetime

By aligning myself with the complex goals and strategies of each individual client, Tier One lends a hand to help not only achieve the desired results but to exceed them. Creating a culture that promotes individualism, team, and growth, I am able to unlock the true potential of each and grow as one. While our paths maybe different, our goals remain the same.


Chicago, Il


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