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3 Simple Things You Can Do That Elevate Your Employees And Their Results

Today's workforce is ever changing and sometimes it is hard to keep up with it all. One thing should remain constant, your ability to lead effectively. While there are a ton of different methods and styles to leadership, here are just a few small things to make your team love you.

1: Always Be uplifting

Work can be stressful and easily invade a person's emotional psyche. One thing leads to another and boom, right back down the rabbit hole.

Leaders who are constantly uplifting their team reduce discord, stress, and the feeling of being overwhelmed, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Enhanced performance and elevated results also fall in line. When someone is made to feel great about themselves and what they do, they start truly believing they can do anything and push themselves to become a better version of themselves.

How a person views themselves inside the workplace is just as important if not more important than how they view themselves outside of the workplace. Positive reinforcement gives your team the confidence in their own abilities and the confidence to push themselves past barriers.

2: Give Them Their Time

You always hear about preventing burnout and different things you can do, but the essential one, let your team members have their time.

It is easy to pick up the phone and call an employee when they are off to talk about work things. They only take a minute, right? There is more to it, the minute you get someone thinking about work on their off time, their time is no longer theirs, it is yours. Sure there are exceptions but when it becomes habitual, that's where the problem lies.

Other expectations that can be hazardous, forcing someone to come in on their time off, rejecting time off requests, or simply forcing someone to stay longer than business hours.

Give them their time, if anything give them a chance to earn more time off. There is no reason to keep someone at work if they have accomplished all of their tasks, even worse, if you keep them and they are ahead of their tasks for the next day.

Leaders can utilize time off as a way of showing appreciation and understanding. If someone is excelling, give them some PTO. A family member dies, give them time to mourn and maybe even go as far as paying them to take that time. Need a mental health day, give it to them.

Giving your team time to truly step away and decompress leads to a more energetic, positive, and happy workplace. If your team is happier, more energized, and positive your teams performance elevates and your team cohesiveness becomes stronger.

3: Show Your Appreciation

It's easy to expect results and keep moving, but what type of impact are you making with your team?

Showing your appreciation is vital to your company's culture, performance, and attitude. You may not think it, but if the people who work for you feel that they are appreciated, they will intern go above and beyond to help achieve the desired goal.

Choosing not to show appreciation, is choosing to work with mediocrity. People who feel undervalued or underappreciated do not perform to their full potential. The argument can be made, that's why they get paid and if that is your mindset, don't ask or expect them to do anything other than what their job entails.

There are numerous ways of showing appreciation, but to set yourself apart, you have to know your team on an individual basis. Example, Becky with two kids may not want bulls tickets but a day off to enjoy their company. Darren in IT may want to go to comicon, not stereotyping.The more effort you put in to knowing and understanding your team, the better you can show your appreciation on a personal level.

Once you get these three simple things locked in, you will notice that your employees and team will start to elevate their own performance, open up the lines of communication, and start going above and beyond willingly.

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