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7 Foundational Blocks of Leadership

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

To be a leader you need to have a firm foundation of leadership principals. These are the core of who and what you are. Setting the foundation is the start of every great leader. By creating your foundation, you create the building blocks of success and growth.

Seek growth every chance you get

Growth is essential to leadership. It's like the sun to flowers. Continuously expanding your mind and attitude creates a whole new perspective on how you should live your life, handle situations, and how to respond.

Take responsibility

It is all you. Everything you do, every action you take is solely your responsibility. I know it may seem cliche', but this is a vital piece in leadership. Being up front with your mistakes brings a certain humbleness to your person and allows you to learn what not to do. There is no such thing as a mistake if you learn from it.

Self reflection

Taking time to analyze yourself creates a new level of leader. Recognizing the good and the bad allows you to focus on specific areas of improvement, build upon areas of strength, and could even lead you down an entirely different path. Find out different ways to discover yourself and in the process you will learn more than you expected.

Servant minded

Leadership is not about having a title, it is a way to live. Whether you are at work or out and about, your goal is to continue to help build people up and grow. The biggest difference between a boss and a leader, one tells you what to do, the other shows you the path and helps you take the steps to become a better version of yourself.

Clear Communication

We all can communicate, it's how we communicate that sets leaders apart from the rest of the pack. Effectively conveying the right message prevents misinterpretation of what otherwise could have had great intent. Tonality and verbiage are keys to effective communication.

Tune into listening

You can't effectively communicate if you do not understand what is being said. You may have heard what they said, but did you truly listen? Too often we listen to respond and not to understand. Step back, take the information in, then respond in the proper manner.


Change is ever happening in the world around us. Preparing yourself for the unknown or even the known can challenge your abilities to the fullest. Being able to adapt to the changes around you plays a pivotal role in your success as a leader.

Fully understanding the foundational blocks of leadership is the start of becoming a great leader. Each block represents a fundamental belief that guides you to personal and professional growth. Consistently reinforcing your foundation creates an outward attitude that projects onto those around you bringing them enhanced comfort and trust.

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