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Can You Define Your Culture?

Employee retention and talent attraction are at the forefront of company concerns. The inability to retain and attract new talent has companies in search of a solution. The answer is simple, great company culture.

Culture defines who you are as a company, your values, and how you view people. Every company says they have great culture, that they allow individualism. If that is the case, why is it so hard to retain and attract talent?

To be able to leverage your culture you must first be able to put into words how your culture is above and beyond the competition. Understanding how you differ from everyone else is an absolute must when we talk about employment. We pay well, we have benefits, we have a flexible schedule. While these things are great, they are standard verbiage across the board and don't even begin to breakdown your culture.

What is it that you do that brings joy to your team? How as a leader have you personally gone above and beyond? Are you investing into your team? What is your level of appreciation? How do your employees view the workspace? These questions are just a snippet of information you should have about your culture.

Salary, benefits, PTO, and CTE are parts of culture and are the initial attention getters. These tools are just a quick peek inside of how a company views their team. If the pay is low, then do they value their members? If they don't offer benefits, does the company care about their members well being? You see where this is going. Keep in mind, this is just the sneak peek.

Your core values not only express the intention of the company but the standard for what to expect. Meaning, if you only care about the results and not how you achieved them, are you following your core values? Here is where you find the heart of your business.

Find out who you are as a leader. Find out what story your business tells. It is only after you have discovered your intention and purpose will you be able to market your culture to retain and attract top talent.

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