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Closed Minds Close Businesses

The pace at which everything is changing is undeniably fast. From the workspace and how people choose where to do business is ever evolving. How you continue to adapt to the rapid change determines how much longer you will be successful.

Having worked with many companies in various industries, one thing remains true, those who are willing to open their minds to new ideas are the ones who garner the most success. Thinking that the old ways of doing things will bring continued success is being naive to put it mildly.

To expect that the change happening all around you has no effect on how you do business will ultimately lead to your downfall. There are many businesses that have thrived for 40 years that continue to struggle in today's environment. Yes, some of the contributing factors are out of their control, but they haven't adjusted their strategy or their way of thinking. This has resulted in many of those businesses closing their doors.

On the other hand, the new businesses that are opening are taking advantage and thriving in an environment where old ideology failed. With the new age of business upon us, you either adapt or you die, it's that simple. So, how can you stay ahead of the curve?

Understanding that there is a dramatic shift in climate would be the first step. As an owner or team lead you may create tunnel vision and focus on the numbers or what the bottom line says at the end of the day. While this is important, you need to understand that your team mentality has changed right before your eyes.

This shift has created a mentality in the workforce that puts themselves above the business. As a leader it is your obligation to recognize this shift and adapt accordingly. This is where many businesses have failed and continue to fail.

For years the idea has been to sacrifice your everything for the business, not anymore, nor should it have ever been. Leading with a people first mentality is the only way to create true success and stability, especially with the new workforce. To think that your team should care as much about the business as you do is unrealistic and you shouldn't expect them to.

If you want to continue great success, build great people. The ones who are on the front lines directly impacts your level of success. From your customer experience to team environment, your ability to lead effects all of it. Without a great team, you do not have a great environment, without a great environment, you don't have great customer experience.

Everything is tied to you and how you decide to lead. If you do not know how you should be leading, bring someone in to help. If you don't know how to create a great culture, bring someone into help. If you are behind in marketing strategy, bring someone in to help.

Continuing down the path of, this is what works, and shutting off new perspective, you are doomed to fail, even if you had 40 years of success. While it may seem a little harsh, the pace of change is only going to accelerate along with how people choose to do business. Adapt accordingly.

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