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Guiding your team through the difficulties of change

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Change is never easy, but is necessary. Whether it be in your personal or professional life welcoming change can either be difficult or seen as an opportunity to expand your horizons. The hardest part about change is getting everyone on board and excited about the new opportunity of growth. There is a reason it's called growing pains.

Change can make you feel lost, uneasy, and down right out of touch. You can choose to fight change or embrace change. My suggestion, embrace it, learn everything you can about the upcoming change and how you can help others around you navigate it.

Part of being a leader is conveying the right message to those who are taking the change journey with you, it can make or break their reaction to whatever new challenge may be coming. During this time, conveying the right message is critical but keeping everyone up to date is just as important. The last thing you want to do is hide any information that impacts your team or makes them feel as if they are just a pawn in the game. This is where a lot of leaders lose trust, respect, and close communication lines with their teams. At a times like this, feedback from all angles is critical to the adoption of change.

Announcing a roll out of new ideas and processes is difficult enough but getting everyone excited to use or follow all the changes can be even more challenging. Showing people that the new way is the best way will only work if you help guide them down the path versus telling them this is what we are doing now.

Change is uncomfortable for most people as it drives uncertainty in their abilities to grasp new things and continue success. Leading your team with genuine care for their metal and professional well being helps you navigate obstacles you are guaranteed to face. Not only does it create additional confidence but it shows your team that you are taking the journey with them.

Aligning yourself with your team and those around you during difficult times brings a new perspective to any situation. Taking these moments to bond with your team, create unison, and communication will create an unparalleled cohesiveness and strength that leads to continued and lasting success.

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