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Employees Are Your Garden Of Success

The rise of instant gratification is every growing. Fast food, tik tok, snapchat, and twitter have all lead to this menatily. This has caused this mentality to flood into business and in the expectation of the employee.

While there is nothing wrong with a focus on a short term goal, getting enamored with this thought process has lead to short term strategies and lack of employee growth. Your team is like a garden, they take time, room to grow, and constant nurturing to develop their best results. You wouldn't start a garden and expect it to produce results in a month would you?

Here is the caveat, you can't just give people time without nurturing their growth. People crave information, they crave the ability to become better, this is where you come in. Providing continuing education opportunities, showing appreciation, and giving your employees a sense of purpose are all part of the nurturing, but it's just part.

Now for room to grow. Not every company has a position that is open when someone is ready to move up and navigating this can be difficult, but if there is a will, there is a way. You see, the standardization of ranking is firmly cemented in business which allows the company a reason not to promote. It may just be one of those things, or it could be designed that way for the betterment of the business. Either way, there are things you can do to still help open those doors.

Making an intermittent position to fill that adds responsibility and pay can make the shift to a higher role much easier and less stressful in the event someone moves on without notice. This also shows the employee that you are invested in their presence in the company. Yes, it will cost you money by increasing their pay, but will be made up for in the transition period as the adjustment will not take as long or be as difficult.

Business is all about progress and innovation as a means to gain share of the market, roll out a new product, and increase profits. Leadership takes the same innovation to retain employees and drive performance.

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