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Even Great Leaders Have Coaches

Coaches create balance, keep you headed towards the goal and help you create consistency throughout your everyday life. Do you think Michael Jordan and the Bulls would have won all the titles they did without a coach? Maybe you are not a sports fan, so let's give you a few more examples of other leaders that use coaches. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Eric Shcmidt, I think you get the point. The next question you should be asking yourself, why? Why do these great leaders use coaching as a tool to help them succeed?

You may know everything there is about the business, about your industry, but sometimes it is that mentality that can lead to your downfall. It's all about execution and how you achieve your results. Just because you are fully capable doesn't always mean you know the direction to go. Coaches give you an outside perspective, options, the ability to see different views.

During your down times a coach is a powerful asset. Getting into a slump is easy, it is coming out of it better than when you went in is the hardest part. Hiring a coach helps you navigate the waters of negativity and creates an atmosphere for you to achieve. Having the right mindset in your life is vital for success and happiness. It is not just about the slumps when it comes to coaching.

On the other end of the spectrum, when things are flowing, everything is sky high and you feel invincible, coaches keep you grounded. You should celebrate achievements, you should be excited about your growth but not to a point of destruction. Staying humble during times of success is a part of growth and discipline.

Coaches are there to help you create a mindset that leads to greater success and happiness. You invest in your team training, you invest into your business, why wouldn't you invest into your personal growth?

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