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Growth and Leadership

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Growth is one of those words that can mean something entirely different to each person. When thinking of growth, the big three are normally what we think, mental, professional, and spiritual, but even those three things really don't define the vastness of growth. One thing remains clear though, growth and leadership go hand in hand.

As the world changes around us, adaptation to new ideas and processes cannot be overlooked. Change is the catalyst to expanded ideas. Before Amazon you had the dot com era. This point in time would forever change how we communicated, did business, and listened to music. Yet, there were people out there that said the internet was a fluke, that it would never come to fruition. Unfortunately, those same people decided not change their thought process, or believe in the capabilities of something that would eventually take over the lives of so many. How does this apply to leadership?

Change, adaptability, and progression are at the forefront of leadership. It is how you make your mark on the lives of others. In order to lead you have to be open to change. In order to progress you have to adapt. While these things may seem simple in context, it takes years of self dedication and discipline to do them fluidly. No one will ever be perfect at all of them, but to master the art of leadership you have to continually search for improvement within yourself.

Self reflection is key to understanding who you are and what you want to become. It is also one of the hardest things you can do as a person. Being honest about your strengths and weaknesses increases your self awareness. Understanding your own faults and how to create strength within those faults allows you to expand your knowledge and build your person.

There are many was to discover yourself but the path to growth is solely your responsibility. Choosing to expand your horizons and become a student of leadership hones your sense of self discovery and professional expansion.

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