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How's the feedback

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Providing feedback is not always fun and exciting, but is necessary to improve one's performance, attitude, and outlook. We would love to consistently give positive feedback, but sometimes it's not in the cards.

Feedback is vital to the growth of a company,team, and individual, you just need be careful it does not do the opposite. Verbalization is key to how someone will take criticism. We can't control the reaction of others, but we can do our part and use the time as a building experience.

Building up individuals should be front and center of leadership. Yes, there will always be tough conversations, but you should always use tact when providing feedback. How we choose to use our words can tear down or build up an individual. As you look to help guide people to greater success, make sure that you are actively giving them a path to overcome their lulls or inefficiencies.

Using emotional intelligence while providing feedback will give you an advantage to unlocking someone's potential during these critical times. One thing you have to keep in mind, not everyone is comfortable sitting across from you knowing that you will be reviewing their progress or in some cases, lack thereof. To overcome the uncomfortableness of the situation, reinforce that feedback is intended to help them grow.

When providing positive feedback it is equally important to keep a level head. Meaning, don't toot their horn so much that they feel as if they have reached the peak of their capabilities. Yes, you should recognize their accomplishments, but the point of giving feedback is to help them expand upon their successes and grow into a new fold.

Providing negative feedback should be done with finesse. Make sure you are evaluating with personal and professional growth in mind. Bringing up areas of improvement doesn't have to be a pain point, but an opportunity to seize. Showing someone that you are invested in there overall well being and growth will help you unlock their full potential.

Positive or negative, conveying the right message when providing feedback is critical to building confidence in your team. Showing your team that you genuinely care about their success opens up the lines of communication and builds trust.

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