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Lead For The People Not For The Data

It seems as if companies are becoming more data driven than people driven. Yes, data is great for a lot of things but when did it start becoming more of a priority than the people? You have to have people to drive the data...right?

Our world has produced and still produces new technologies of measuring every metric you can think of, but why are we using it to measure people?

Too often people try to use data to measure a person's value instead of seeing who the person truly is and their potential. It is all about the numbers. What if the person learns differently? Did you take time to find out or did you just look at the results? What if there are external factors in play? Do you as a leader know your team well enough to recognize personal struggle versus work struggle?

There is a big disconnect going on in the workspace in terms of leadership and employee relations. Start focusing on improving your team's culture, quality of education, and family time. Make them feel as if they are more than the data you collect from them. Data can do a lot for us, but use it as a tool for improvement of the people who work for you not as a guideline to fire them.

Putting people over numbers not only drives retention and talent, but it drives performance. All those numbers you stayed awake thinkin about, clinging onto, will now be more elevated and self sustaining. You will not have to worry about how they are performing but how you can help them continue to grow.

As a leader it is your obligation to grow those who work with you. By elevating them on an individual and professional level your numbers will follow suit. Stop worrying about what every little number says and start worrying about how you can help those around you. At the end of the day, you're their leader, how you treat those around you will ultimately define your ability to lead and your team's success.

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