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Leadership And Attitude Go Together Like Peas And Carrots

You can have the best processes in place, follow all the fundamental guidelines to create a great culture, but, the one thing that will bring it all together, the attitude of leadership. Attitude dictates everything from workflow, general happiness, performance, client experience, and the list just keeps going.

It is important for leaders to understand how they interact with their team directly affects their performance. I understand that not every day can be perfect, but controlling your attitude when communicating to your team is vital. If your communication is short, aggressive, or degrading you can expect for your teams energy to reflect it.

Whether the attitude is positive or negative, it steers how your team will perform. When the numbers are good and the team is flowing you can almost reach out and grab the energy, the positivity. When the slump hits and things turn negative the energy becomes palatable, you can feel the weight of the atmosphere. If you can sense all of this, then your team is feeling it as well.

It is your obligation as a leader to bare the negative weight and make sure that it does not fall on the shoulders of your team. This can be one of the most difficult tasks as a leader. It will create stress, unease, and discontent. If all that negativity makes you feel a certain way, why on earth would you want to pass that on to your team? Passing this type of energy on to your team is not only unfair but if you think it was rough before, hold on to your britches because it will get a lot worse.

On the other hand, when things are going well, that energy needs to be asserted to your team. Expand on all the great things happening and give them credit for how its flowing. By elevating your team during these times will give them a sense of purpose, a sense of being something bigger., It makes them feel as if they matter.

As a leader you are responsible for your teams failures because they are intern your failures. In light of their success, you need to understand that it is their success, not yours. Leaders take responsibility for failure and give credit to others in times of success.

Your energy affects so many things in the business. Culture, performance, happiness, communication, innovation, and retention. Taking the position of leader is no simply feat, nor is it the easiest route, but it is one of the most admirable things you can do.

Sacrificing yourself for the betterment of others can be draining, life altering, fulfilling, and create a lasting impact on the lives around you. How you choose to lead is up to you, but its not just your life that your making a difference in when you choose to step into a leadership role.

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