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Long Weekends Can Lead To Longer Slumps

Whether your coming into some extra time off in a slump or on fire, that extra time can cause you to get too relaxed. The need for rejuvenation is an absolute must but when it's time to grind, having the right mindset is vital.

It is so easy to just stay in that relaxed mindset after a long weekend, and if you are not careful, it will come back to bite you. How many times have you came back from a long weekend and just eased into the day? The good ole, I will do it tomorrow attitude.

This type of mindset will have major effects on the rest of your week, maybe even longer. Allowing yourself to take additional time when it's time to grind, ultimately leads to setbacks and increased stress down the road.

Here is the thing, everyone knows that it is hard to come back after any length of time off. You are so relaxed that you convince yourself that you can wait, you have time to finish the project or get back to the customer. As many times as it has had a negative affect in your work, you still allow it to happen even though you know the outcome. So, what can you do to alter the mindset?

Understanding who you are and how you view your goals are the first step. If you have no clear direction or goal, coming back from time off becomes even harder. Focus your intention on your goals. Becoming intentional is not only a foundation of leadership but is key to overcoming the mental blockage.

Part of the mental blockage comes in routine. Don't get me wrong, routine is great but it can cause you to view what you do as second nature, that's where mistakes happen.

Adjusting your routine will trick your mind into waking up, becoming more aware. Wake up 30 minutes early, take a longer walk, give yourself time to stop and get coffee, even taking a different way to work can change how your mind processes the day. Tricking your mind to think differently sets the precedent on how it will function that day.

Part of having additional time off is being able to adapt to the change. The change in your schedule and the interruption of your process. While it may not seem significant, your ability to handle the change will determine how the rest of your week will take place.

Sometimes the small things matter most. If you can handle the small changes confidently, handling the bigger changes becomes much easier.

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