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Move The People That Help You Move Mountains

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Leaders often get swept up in the I have to do it, not we have to do it mentality. Outside pressure, deadlines, or budgeting can get overwhelming and drive you to take on so much that you lose sight of your team.

Establishing your team and creating a great culture allows you to focus on truely leading your team. The point of leadership is to inspire, motivate, teach, and help grow your team. If you have done it right, your team will be more than capable of taking on challenges.

Inspiring your team to take on more, to challenge themselves consistently puts them in a position to excel. Building your team's confidence in their abilities creates a mindset that helps them step up to the plate and take chances regardless of outcome.

Inspiration doesn't just have to come from you and it shouldn't. Teach your team to search for other things that inspire them, books, work, volunteering, etc. Helping your team to find inspiration increases their motivation and drive to becoming better inside and outside of work. Showing them you care about who they are puts you on a level with each individual that brings trust and communication.

There are plenty of "how to guides" on inspiring and motivating others but each individual is different. Knowing your team on an individual basis allows you to tailor how you inspire and motivate them. Getting on this level with your team is when the magic starts happening, it is when you start moving mountains.

Stepping into a leadership role is a choice to put everyone else before yourself. A choice that helps define how people live their lives, how people view themselves, how it affects the road they choose to take. Leadership comes in all forms, but only has one meaning. Inspire, motivate, grow, teach, and guide individuals to better themselves and their position personally and professionally.

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