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#QuietQuitting Is Another Way Of Saying, Change Your Culture

In a time where going above and beyond would alter your career path and separate great employees from mediocre employees. Times have changed, going above and beyond is now an expectation rather than a work well done.

At some point, companies decided that forcing people to be available at the drop of a dime or to take on more was part of the job. No longer is it a symbol of work ethic, the want to be better and to move up the ranks, it is now demanded. Companies realized that instead of waiting on employees to make the decision to take on more, they forced it. Why wouldn't they? If you can force someone to take on the job of another, than you are reducing budget, reducing overhead, right?

This idea worked for many years, until it didn't. With the new workforce, employees are willing to sacrifice money for time, sacrifice money over toxicity, and sacrifice tenure for happiness. No one wants to be in this vicious cycle of work, work, work. They want time for family, friends, and enjoying their hobbies.

As we progress in the workspace, company culture has been more prominent. Culture is now defining expectations of the workforce. What are you doing as a company to engage your employees, give them a reason to go above and beyond? If the your answer is more money, than you have missed the point. Money is a driver for an employee or potential candidate, but it is not everything. If you want to overcome this idea of #quietquitting you need to start incentivizing employees. More money is great, but what if it was paid time off? All expenses paid company outings? More vacation time? You see where this is going. People will be willing to do more if they feel that the company is on their side, has their best interests, or is shown just a little appreciation. Here is the craziest part, the more you show your appreciation, the more you invest into your team, the greater your results become.

These are all great things to do, but the environment needs to reflect a shared compassion and care for the employees. Showing genuine care and compassion for your team is the foundation of leadership. Helping them overcome, achieve, and be great builds trust, unity and communication. It is at these times people will go above and beyond willingly. You want to create an environment that leans on individualism, independency, and growth. Allowing people to be themselves and not feel as if they have to hide who they are will help you move mountains and cement your employees belief in you as a leader.

Everything you do, everything you say has a massive impact on those around you and should not be taken lightly. At the end of the day, your culture, your environment defines you as a leader. How do you want to be remembered?

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