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Some Diversity And Inclusion Efforts Can Cause Separation Of Team

Not too long ago there was a conference about diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. During this conference one of the examples given to bolster diversity and inclusivity was to create different groups within the workplace. Things like, a woman's group, a minority group, and a veteran's group.

If you look at this at face value it seems like a great idea, right? What if it had the opposite effect? What if, because of these groups it actually created separation amongst team members? Has anyone really dove into the effects it has on team mentality? How much sense does it make to separate portions of the team based on certain characteristics into separate groups to create unity and inclusion?

If you were constantly being grouped into a category because of certain attributes, how would that make you feel? Would you feel seperated? Would you feel included with everyone else? Or would it make you feel as if that is all people are looking at?

The whole point of the team mentality is team. Understanding that everyone comes from different backgrounds and respecting those things are entirely different than creating groups within the workplace.

People are getting too wrapped up in how to diversify or how to enhance inclusivity that they forget, more times than not, it is the simple things that really create a sense of being and inclusion for an employee.

If you really want to create understanding of team members, hold team events or revolving team competitions. Sending your team out to dinner or sending them to Top Golf will do more for your unity than creating groups based on certain characteristics with in the workplace. Constantly rotating who your employees work with on various projects allows them to connect on a more personal and professional level.

In a nutshell, don't over think. Don't categorize people based on certain characteristics. Stop viewing people as something other than a human being. If you want to base your opinion on anything, base it on their performance and attitude. If you want inclusion and diversification, create activities that involve everyone. The key word everyone, not some.

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