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Make Time For You

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Work life balance is an integral part of keep yourself aligned with the goal. Getting hit from all sides will take its toll on you over a period of time. With so much going on it is hard to carve out time to just breath. Not only that, but as leaders we tend to think that the sky will start falling and worlds will start to collide if we are not there helping to manage the ship. How good would you be if all you did was work?

Have you ever worked on a puzzle for hours on end, can't find the piece, then you decide to step away and somehow after returning it was right in front of you the whole time? Work tends to follow the same rules. Stepping away is critical to realigning who we are and how we lead, it also prevents burnout.

Exhaustion, increased stress, irritability, decreased motivation, and lack of care are some of the effects that highlight burnout. Even worse. it can bring on serious mental and physical health issues if exposed to extreme amounts of stress over a period of time. These effects can be cataclysmic to your professional and personal life. This is why it is so important to make sure we stop them from happening, it is too detrimental.

Taking time away for yourself brings a new perspective and a healthy attitude when you return. However you spend your time away from work is up to you, but make sure you take some time doing things you enjoy. Relaxing, spending much need time with the family, whatever it is, make time for it. You will appreciate the rejuvination, your team will appreciate the new attitude, and your family will be enthralled that you focused on them instead of work.

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