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What's Happening In The Workspace Is Not A Trend, It Is A Revolution.

While companies try to get a stranglehold on employees, employees are running the other way. The idea that you can put the chains to employees stemmed from the 80's and the management revolution by private equity firms. To explain, before the 80's the ideology behind management was care for people over business.

Why did it change and how did it change you ask? Private equity firms started tying bonuses and additional incentives to the management and senior level members. Meaning, they were incentivized based on the bottom line profitability of the company. This brought to life the management style that you see in most business today. The style that puts additional pressure on team members, views employees as easily dispensable, and the bottom line is the king of everything.

Sure it worked back in the 80's because no one had seen that style of leadership, but it set course for companies all around the world to start taking from their employees. Taking benefits, reducing wages, and taking time away from their families. These are just a few things that took place, but these things are why the workforce is fighting back.

Here we are, 2022 and now employees are going against the grain of industrialism. No longer are they accepting that they have to invest all of their time, their life for work. They are no longer accepting that they have to work for toxic "leaders". What is happening right now in the workplace is not a trend, it is the simple idea of caring for your fellow man/women.

So, how do you navigate this massive shift as a leader or business owner? You focus on your team members, focus on their growth, mentally, personally, and professionally. Go back to when people cared about other people and not viewed as a tool for your own success. Start treating your team as family, hell, you spend more time with them than you do your actual family in most situations.

It's time you start making the change. It's time to start making a positive difference in the lives of those around you and elevating people for their benefit and not yours. By taking this journey into leadership it is your obligation to help everyone you come across, whether it is in the workplace or not. Become the leader this world needs.

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